Brand Ambassador Program is aimed at an exclusive community created by luxury enthusiasts, for luxury admirers in all its forms. The members of The Cambrillón Brand Ambassador Program have hold many things in common. They know what they want, they know what they like and they are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to obtain it.

An exclusive experience

If you love fashion and have a sellsoriented profile, we will take care of. In Cambrillón, we will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to become our Brand Ambassador wherever you go. The aim of this exclusive program is to promote our essence, brand values and handmade Spanish products.It is not an issue if you are not part of out big family just yet.

Our team wil advise you from a innovative and creative point of view so that we enhance our shared passion for details.

Our main foundations are is based on tecnology, tradition, artisanry and innovation. This combination of artisan skills and modern technology is what sets Cambrillón apart, guaranteeing shoes that will change the way you experience footwear. The next important ”pilar” base is you.

Sharing is Caring

¿Who is the program for?

Wether you are a man or a woman having a passion for the luxury fashion industry, you used to create content in your social media networks and has a sellsoriented speech, this program is for you.

Get in touch with us and our team will decide if you could be part of our exclusive Cambrillón Ambassador Program.

Once that your profile has been validated for being part or our international Ambassador network, our commercial department will work with your hand by hand to boost this collaboration.

Cambrillon Media Kit - Lifestyle

Content is king: our suggestions

Cambrillon Ambassador Program goes beyond to a spech? Sells speech. You are our appearance and that’s why we want to throughout this collaboration you transmitting the world our brand values and our essence like bespoke luxury company shoes.

With every pair of Cambrillón that you are going to receive, we suggest you creating 3 social media contents (Facebook and Instagram)

¿What will you receive?

We want to take care of you in order to keep a lasting relationship so we will provide in easing your first step.