Zapatos Monkstrap para hombre BIEL

El zapato Monkstrap con cosido Blake para hombre: Un estilo clásico pero con un toque de extravagancia, muy adecuado para el hombre que avanza con paso firme en un mundo moderno.

Por su versatilidad, elegancia y líneas inconfundibles, en Cambrillón al Monkstrap  para hombre, lo llamamos BIEL.

BIEL is a male given name, especially used in the Balearic Islands. It is an adaptation of the name Gabriel, in honour of Saint Gabriel. Those named Biel know that the way to achieve their goals in life is through hard work and resilience.

- Cambrillón Bespoke Leather

Our men’s Monk strap Biel is the quintessence of elegance. Among men’s dress shoes, single or double Monk strap shoes surely stand out. Monk straps can perfectly be combined with a suit for a refined office look, or can be used to make any smart casual look stand out and shine.

Get inspired with our curated selection of Monk Strap shoes. Design your pair of men’s bespoke Monk strap shoes.

Monkstrap con cosido Blake para hombre BIEL

Double monk strap in box calf and tweed

Double monk strap BIEL in brown box calf and tweed

Double monk strap in cognac box calf

Double monk strap BIEL in cognac box calf

Brown double monk strap

Double monk strap BIEL in brown box calf

Monkstrap doble hebilla en boxcalf burgundy

Monkstrap BIEL Monti doble hebilla en boxcalf burgundy

Double monk strap in black box calf

Double monk strap BIEL Monti in black box calf

Double monk strap BIEL in pebble grain

Double monk strap BIEL in black pebble grain and box calf

Monkstrap con una hebilla full grain

Monkstrap BIEL con una hebilla en full peblle grain negro

In Cambrillón you can design a pair of custom made men’s shoes, as unique as you are. Get inspired in our collection and unleash the designer in you.

How to design my bespoke shoes at Cambrillón?

We want to be part your journey. Designing a pair of bespoke shoes that perfectly reflect your style and personality, is as simple as following these three simple steps.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 1
Choose your favourite model
The reflection of your personality

Oxfords, Monk straps, Loafers, Boots or Derby shoes. Choose the model with which you feel identified and start designing.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 2
Customise your shoes
Men's shoes, unique as you are

Unleash the designer in you. Combine materials and colours to create a unique pair of shoes of using our 3D configurator.

Configuración zapatos Cambrillón - paso 3
Handmade, bespoke shoes
Luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity

After 4 weeks, our expert shoemakers will have ready your pair of bespoke Cambrillón shoes. We ship worldwide.

Monkstrap shoes: Elegance and versatility for the modern gentleman.

Men’s Monk strap shoes are characterized by their lace-less closing system. However, this does not stop them from being a very elegant option when choosing a pair of men’s dress shoes. Instead of laces, monk strap shoes feature a closing system including either one or two metallic buckles. What is the origin of their name?  It comes from a specific type of sandals some monks wore a few centuries ago, that featured the same type of closing system based on buckles.

Fashion designers and experts agree that the monk strap shoe for men is one of the most elegant option when choosing men’s dress shoes. Their popularity is mainly based on the fact that monk straps can be perfectly combined with most types of outfits. Thanks to their characteristic design, men’s monk strap shoes are an elegant option but for instance, without being as formal as the men’s Oxford shoe. In few words, monk strap shoes are an ideal model for those seeking to achieve a sophisticated urban look.

How to wear men’s monk strap shoes

We know that the monk strap shoes are a great choice when looking for a great pair of men’s dress shoes. Choosing a pair of monk straps is a winning bet, due to their elegant design as well as for their comfort.

Combining your monk straps is extremely simple, because monk strap shoes are very versatile. Before combining them, we recommend you to decide whether you are looking for a classic style or for a polished smart casual look.

In Cambrillón we make it easy for you, because we offer you a collection of men’s footwear in which you will find exclusive models of Monk strap shoes for men.

Get inspired by our collection of Monk strap shoes for men, to then design a pair of exclusive Monks of the highest quality, handmade in Spain. Think outside the box and go custom. You will be the owner of a pair of personalised Monk strap shoes for men…a pair of shoes that will be truly exclusive and as unique as you are.